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We want to help you become a cyclist for life. We’re not looking to sell you an elite race bike if you’re a beginner, we want to help you (re) fall in love with biking. Come find the wheels that fit your adventure.

Upcoming Rides

Ride your wheels to sleep beneath the stars. We’ll roll from Comet Trail Cycles up the Silver Comet towards Rockmart and camp at SCT Campsite. Bring your small tent or hammock, bike lights, and a change of clothes, water and any snacks. We’ll grab late-dinner in Rockmart (9:15-ish) and then head on to camp. We’ll wake with the sun and head into Rockmart for a breakfast start and then arrive back at CTC around 10 AM.

Depart: Thursday Night, 6:30 PM
Return: Friday Morning, 10:00 AM.
Where: Comet Trail Cycles -> SCT Campsite

Wheels down at 7 PM.
14-15 mph pace.
Campsite has portable toilet 100 yds down the trail.
Bring Water, campsite has no running water.

CTC has availability to carry items for people who cannot transport their own gear by bike. 

Site is able to host people who show up to camp by car  where Hendrix Rd crosses trail.

Contact us for details. 

Now Open Daily. Come on in and say hello.